Definition of Online business is a technology-based business computer network or the internet. That is, all business activities conducted through a computer connected with internet connection. I think, basically online business is not much different with offline business or business in the real world, where the difference is the online business has done through the computers connected to the internet whiles offline business conducted as usual a lot of business environment we see around us...

Example: the business of selling clothes
Their online system: sell through the website, where all people with no limit to the conduct transactions through the website without dealing directly with the seller of clothes... After the transaction occurs, the goods delivered to the buyer.
Their offline system: sell through the shop, where everyone who wants to buy the clothes must come to the store...
OK...from here looks clear distinction among online and offline businesses. In the offline, business or daily life is so many types of business that we can find, so also in the online business... Outline I described some kind of online business in general:

1. Pay per click
Pay per click, type of business within a business system that is simple: we will be paid if there is click on the item that has been determined, for example, single-click on the logo or banner on our website ... It paid 0.1 dollars if a single click, imagine if one million clicks per day multiplied by the 20 web sites that we follow .. You can calculate yourself. Why one million can clicks per day, as the development of technology in the world's internet users increasing every day in every country, so for the size of one million is very small.
2. Pay per sale
This type of business is pay per sale of a business system that is simple: we pay if we can recommend someone to buy a product, if there is a transaction on our recommendation; we are entitled to the payment of the price of goods, of course based on the agreements that have been determined. For example, 10%, 20% or even 50% of the price of goods ... suppose we recommend a website with the approval of 20% and the price of goods is $ 500. then the Commission that we will get is 20% of the price of goods, which is $ 100 ... imagine if 100 transactions multiplied by $ 100 per day, that if from one website, why do not we follow the ten sites ... of course you can calculate your own
3. Pay to Share
Type of business paid for Sharing, the system is: we will get paid if we upload files on the site, which specialized in providing a place to upload files ... Then someone downloads the file then we are entitled to be paid in accordance with the agreement that has been determined ... like every 1000 downloads priced a dollar ... Imagine if you upload ten files and 1,000,000 download per day ... You can calculate yourself. --- Remember the world's Internet users billions more.

It is a little explanation, a personal version of the definition and about online business, will need the criticism and suggestions for the completeness of this article. For those of you who have experience in the world of online business please take a little time to add a little article on the comments ... thank you

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