Before performing any work we usually prepare the equipment we will use in the work, for office workers or unskilled laborers. so also in the online business, before starting our work as an online entrepreneur there are some things that need to be prepared to ease our work or that will determines our success in business. Here will be described some preparation in the online business in general when we will start an online business ... notes: the personal version

1. Computers and the internet
Because we will do business online then you need a computer connected to Internet, you can subscribe to or rent. I suggest, to be more serious in this business you need quite a bit of time to learn and practice, so I recommend to subscribe to find somewhere cheap and fast subscription so you can work whenever you want without having to leave the house to find the cafe.
2. Have account email
Any online business you are going to field, you must have an email to sign up, because almost all types of enrollment in the online world with the requirement to have an email. So start making email free email service. For example on,, and many others, each offering its own features and advantages. Because many places that provide services or free email registration, and to the three companies above are the most popular and largest.
3. Have a website or blog
So that your online work optimally, you must have a website or blog that you will use to promote your online business, for the beginner stage can start making free blog like,,, free blogs is a hosting service and a free domain to include domain names which we subscribe in the name of our blog, suppose we will create a blog with alias name onlinesbusinesss at blog we will then automatically be, but if you have more money, better directly buy the domain and hosting are paid, so the name of our blog to be simple and competent without the need to include the name of the hosting places we subscribe to, because we already pay to use the name of the hosting.

It is a little explanation, a personal version of the preparation of an online business, will need the criticism and suggestions for the completeness of this article. For those of you who have experience in the world of online business please take a little time to add a little article on the comments ... thank you


  1. One of the problems I've come across when dealing with clients who are developing their first websites or looking to redevelop an existing site is the tendency to overcomplicate the planning process.

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