ADSENSE-ONLINE BUSINESS NUMBER ONE FROM GOOGLE is a site popular today, this site is the type of search engines are very reliable and most widely used between Internet users than the entire population of earth. in addition to powerful search engine, Google also provides a somewhat online business pay per click advertising, or better known as Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is the kind of business which is favored by online entrepreneurs from all over the State, since it was first launched, i.e., in 2003 until today, Google AdSense is aged 12 years, i.e., starting from 2003 up to 2012 today. Google AdSense has aged long enough to show that he was very professional in advertising, or perhaps because of AdSense belong with, so that a high level of confidence for online entrepreneurs.

Why it is said a high level of confidence, I think, Google as number one site in search engines and has been operating very long time, I think, impossible he damaged his reputation by lying to its customers. so, with this reason that many people follow business AdSense, so it is said to be the number one business from

What is Google AdSense? He was part of the Google services engaged in advertising, everyone who advertises on Google will be handled by him, and to provide services to consumers, Google needs a partner who will help him in advertising. Ok, this is our opportunity to join in helping Google advertise on condition should have a website or blog. But first we must follow rules set by Google itself as a condition to be accepted as a partner in the advertising

As the Online Business Number One, Google AdSense will pay us professionally, if your blog or website that we use in cooperation, working in accordance with the conditions stipulated by Google. about the number of payments we will receive, depending on the number of visitors coming to your blog or website and clicking on ads from Google, that we put on the blog or website. For payments to partners, Google will pay by check are sent to our address, with a minimum payment is $ 100. Imagine if we have a blog or a website that many visitors and to click the ads from Google. Suppose the number of visitors per day in 1000, and who do click ad 500 visitors. Assumptions, with the count 1-click = $ 1, then we will get $ 500 per day. For that let us join as a partner from Google AdSense.

It is a little explanation, a personal version of the Adsense, Online Business Number One From Google, will need the riticism and suggestions for the completeness of this article. For those of you who have experience in the world of online business please take a little time to add a little article on the comments ... thank you


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